LOVLIST offers practical ways to help people as they navigate life's challenges. The LOVLIST concept originated as a List Of Volunteers and has grown to become a collaborative resource for caring individuals and communities.

When crisis strikes, one of two things can happen: We fall over ourselves to help, responding in an ad hoc fashion, duplicating tasks, but determined to be of some use . Or, we do nothing, for fear of doing the wrong thing or getting in the way. There is another way. 


LOVLIST facilitates the sharing of ideas and inspiration that exists in our community.  The LOVLOG combines your insights and stories with practical ways to help when help is needed.


LOVLIST directs you to an array of  resources and support services which may be helpful for you or those you care about. LOVLINKS guides you to trusted community and professional organisations throughout Australia and beyond. 


LOVLIST helps you to establish and coordinate your own caring community so that you can be more effective in your efforts to help.

Lovlist was established by Mel and Catherine. We are two Sydney mums, living in loving, caring communities. We know the value of friendship and a helping hand when times are tough. We have seen how communities can make a big difference when mobilised  and we'd like others to have this same experience.
In setting up Lovlist we have engaged the help of a great group of people who have generously shared their experiences, their stories and wisdom.

We are especially grateful to Arthur and Anna from Signup Zone for their generous assistance in setting up the Lovlist portal to allow users to create their own caring communities.

We welcome your wisdom.
LOVLIST is all about collaboration and we welcome your contributions. 
We are currently seeking:
• Entries for the LOVLOG
• Recipes for meals to make for friends
• Suggestions for links to useful resources

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