Lovlist is all about collaboration and we'd love you to collaborate with us by sharing your story and imparting the wisdom of your lived experience. Your insights could be helpful to others facing challenges or to those trying to help. 

Why share stories? When your life turns upside down it is common to feel isolated and confused. It is hard to imagine that anyone could have experienced such pain as you are feeling and difficult to see ahead into a brighter future. It is here that stories are especially important. 

Sharing stories builds empathy and connections. It strengthens relationships and can give someone suffering, a window into the hope that the future holds. Read some of the stories others have shared on the lovlog

Perhaps you’ve faced some challenges yourself or have helped a friend who has. Maybe you can explain what it feels like to experience a particular challenge or have discovered things that really help. If you feel able, we’d love to hear your story. You are the expert on your own experience and it is this variety of experience we are after.  

 If you feel that you can share some of your unique insights, please use the form below. All contributions will be treated in the strictest confidence .

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