If you help out regularly, at school, work or in your local community, chances are you’ve been asked many times to bring a plate. For some of us, these simple words can strike terror into our very beings.  We fear being judged or found out to be a rather lousy cook after all.  Many of us, using time as the conveniently genuine excuse that it always is, opt to swing past the local Baker’s Delight to pick up a plate worth of sweet stuff. Or in desperation, we crack open a packet of Arnott’s and arrange them artfully in the vain hope that no one will notice that they’re just your average assorted creams. We can do this, and lets face it the food will probably get eaten. Or, we can roll up our sleeves and have a go at actually making something. It’s really not that hard. And the rewards are delicious!

The following recipes are ones you’ll return to time and time again. They all have simple ingredients and  are guaranteed to be the first things to disappear from the buffet table.