1. To coordinate care for people in your community
    Create a LOVLIST - A list of volunteers to help lighten the load at times when an extra hand or hands, is needed.
  2. To coordinate care for a loved one
    Get family and friends together to help someone dear when they are ill or otherwise overwhelmed. Create a LOVLIST to coordinate your efforts.
  3. To find help for someone who is facing challenges in their lives
    Use LOVLINKS to find information and services to help in a challenging situation. 
  4. To find help for yourself
    LOVLINKS is there for you too.
  5. To find recipes for meals to make for others
    Our LOVLOG features meal ideas and other culinary inspiration.
  6. To find helpful tips on ways to help others
    The LOVLOG provides tips on the best way to be useful in times of hardship and shares what really helps to give comfort and ease the burden of suffering. 
  7. To find answers to questions about what to do when
    Browse  the LOVLOG blog for practical ideas, stories and inspiration.
  8. To hear stories of people coping with personal challenges and tragedies
    In the LOVLOG we combine readers’ stories with the best from the web.
  9. To share stories of your own challenges
    We welcome your stories and invite you to share your experiences and your wisdom.
  10. To be part of a wider caring community dedicated to using our hearts and hands for others.
    Because after all, that's what it's all about.