Meals to freeze

We are looking for family meals that can be eaten fresh, or frozen for later if need be. Do you have a favourite? One that tastes as good when it comes out of the freezer as it did when it went in? Let us know what it is by filling in the form below or emailing the recipe to

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Bring a plate

What do you take when you're asked to bring a plate? We are looking for things with simple ingredients that don't take long to make but taste great. Think cakes, muffins, sandwiches and savouries. 

Portable meals

Trying times are busy times and someone may be missing out on a decent meal because they are always on the run. Meals that can be eaten by a bedside or even in a car are what we are looking for here. Think small and compact, tasty and nutritious. We know you've got some great ideas. Please share them here.

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School lunches

Do you have some great ideas for school lunches? Ones you might make not only for you own children but for those of a friend? Share your ideas here and give inspiration to others lending a helping hand.

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