lovlists for friends and family

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When Leo was diagnosed with a brain tumour his life and that of his family was changed in an instant.  They had lots of friends and a very supportive family and they all rushed in to help. The fridge was filled to the brim with lasagne and casseroles and people were dropping in at all hours to ask what they could do.. But Leo and his wife and their children, needed time alone to absorb the news and to be together. Well intentioned though they were, others were preventing this.

When Tracey's husband died, her whole world was turned upside down. A mother of three young children, all she could think about was how on earth would she cope without him? Tracey was recently arrived from the UK and only knew a few people from her children's schools. Her husbands colleagues sent cards but assumed that Tracey's friends and family would take care of her. The parents at her son's school were shocked at the news but they too assumed that as they didn’t know Tracey very well, that someone else would be offering support at this time. At her daughters' school a few people expressed sympathy but they thought the other school, big on pastoral care would have Tracey and her family in their sights. The truth is that Tracey received very little support and felt extremely alone.

Care for Leo and his family and for Tracey and hers could have been better coordinated and much more effective if friends family and the community had a Lovlist.

A lovlist is a way to organise meals and other assistance for friends and family who need extra support. Whatever the situation, be it grief, illness or the birth of a new baby, by creating a lovlist you can help to coordinate efficient and effective care.

A Lovlist can be short term, just a little assistance to get someone through a rough patch, or a more ongoing roster where help is needed over a long period.

People use LOVLISTs to organise:

  • Meal rosters for sick friends or new mothers
  • Care for a sick friends or relatives
  • Visiting an elderly neighbour or relative
  • Driving someone to treatment
  • Childcare or babysitting
  • Homework help
  • Housework or help in the garden
  • Ironing rosters
  • Help with grocery shopping
  • Communicating news to friends and family

A LOVLIST can be tailored to any situation and with just a little organisation and good communication, you and those on your LOVLIST can be the help you wish to be. Create your LOVLIST today.