Co-ordinator's role and responsibilities

A Lovlist co-ordinator is someone who has the task of organising a group of volunteers to give tailored assistance to people in need or in crisis. The group may be set up to help a single friend or family member or to respond to need as it arises in a large community such as a school.

As Coordinator, you have a very special role to play. You are in contact with the person or people being helped and others will look to you to tell them the best way they can be of assistance. You will know what help is needed and will provide the necessary details on the what, why, when and how that help is delivered.

Specifically, your role is to:

  • Identify where help or support is needed, and check that alternative support isn’t already in place. 
  • Talk to the person/s or family/s in need to ascertain what help could best support them and how that help may play out.
  • Set up your LOVLIST through our website tailoring your rostered tasks and messages according to your group’s specific needs. State specifically what is needed. For example, if coordinating meals, those preparing the meals need to know how many they are cooking for and whether there are particular food allergies or aversions.
  • Once the LOVLIST is set up, spread the word through your community to start filling the rostered tasks. (You may find our templates helpful to get you started.)
  • Monitor the site, communicating with your volunteers or community leader if and when needed. Weekly reminders via text or email are recommended to ensure commitments are not overlooked.
  • Maintain regular contact with the person or family in need to ensure that adequate and appropriate assistance is being offered.
  • Respect the privacy of those being assisted and maintain their anonymity if that is requested. It is essential that those being assisted have their privacy respected at all times and that people’s difficult circumstances do not become the subject of gossip.
  • Thank the LOVLIST volunteers, on behalf of the person or family in need.

Ideally a LOVLIST co-ordinator will be a person who is discreet, organised and empathetic. They need to be able to listen in emotional and stressful situations and respond with practical solutions. 

Co-ordinating a LOVLIST is about helping others.  It is important to remember that help or support comes in varying forms depending on who is in need.  The help requested may not be what you or your volunteers would like for themselves if the tables were turned, however it is important to remember the requests of people and to respect them.  Sometimes, your offers to help will be rejected. This must be respected too.